How I Fixed android.process.acore Has Stopped on my LG G3 Device

So for the better part of a week now, at the worst possible time of course while I was 2 days into a week long vacation, I ran into “android.process.acore has stopped” error message on my LG G3 phone with Android version 5.0.1.

Here is what I experienced and to say it was a little annoying is an understatement. I noticed that every time something attempted to access any contacts a popup window would appear on my screen saying “android.process.acore has stopped”. This little dialog box, no matter what I was doing, would take focus away and keep me pretty much from doing anything other than dictating through Google Text related apps.

I tried All the “easy fixes” and “tricks” to solve this issue and yeah, nothing worked. I was one of the “difficult ones to fix” or so every reference that I found on the web to fix it stated.

I tried going to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Contacts and Contact Storage and did Clear Data, Force Stop and Clear Cache with no luck.

I tried Settings > Apps > three little dots, Tap on them and then selected Choose Reset App Preferences > Reset Apps. Yeah, still no luck.

Some people recommended removing Contacts but with my LG G3 it comes with the Stock ROM and I am unable remove it.

The final option I found was do a Factory Reset. I was not willing to do this yet as I had over 3 years of data and usage on my phone from Apps I use daily, to Photos and Music to worlds on Minecraft. I was not going to go down this road unless I had to.

So, I tried to clear the stuff one last time and still no luck. Then I remembered reading something sometime that Contacts pull Facebook contacts. Not only that but I started thinking that I thought I had read something on an update the Facebook Messenger was now a “one stop messaging app with phone, sms and other features”. Could this be my problem?

So, I pulled the trigger and uninstalled Facebook Messenger and to my surprise, my nearly every 5-15 second popup dialog box stopped. Not only did that stop but I once again had access to Phone and Contacts which I had not been able to use in about a week.

Problem Solved! I was able to resync my contacts with my Google Contacts again and I’m back to normal – aside from now needing to set ALL my App Preferences again 8( … However, I would rather want to do just that than that ugly final option of a Factory Reset which a lot of others had to do – which, ironically uninstalled Facebook Messenger.

If you run into this problem, hopefully you have tried these items before the dreaded Factory Reset and it has helped.

3 thoughts on “How I Fixed android.process.acore Has Stopped on my LG G3 Device”

  1. It really worked. My LG G3 stylus was giving me the same problem. I cleared the data and cache of my contact and contact storage,it didn’t work until I uninstalled my Facebook. I am so glad I can use my phone in peace now.

    1. Hi Debby,

      I’m glad that helped. It took quite a while and researching to get mine to start working again. Unfortunately my LG G3 finally died due to physical issues related to body cracks and various circuit board components starting to come loose (bluetooth, rear camera, and wireless chips).

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