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Product Review – IBESTWIN 6000 mAh LG G3 Battery Cell Phone Extended Battery Replacement

Why did I purchase this battery? Simply put, it had decent reviews on Amazon, the price point was good and I needed a replacement battery for my LG G3 phone whose stock battery decided to start End of Life’ing it to me.

Backstory: So several months ago I noticed my LG G3 would start randomly rebooting on its own. It didn’t appear to have any rhyme or reason – that is, no particular App would cause it to reboot. Apps that caused it to reboot where anywhere from the stock messaging App to fairly intensive games like Minecraft or Pokemon Go. For sometime I did research and found people telling others they just had a bad phone, bad Apps, etc. Recommendations from the user community which loved the G3 phone and didn’t want to purchase a newer one were anywhere from uninstall the latest updates/Apps that were installed to complete Factory Reset. As I continued to dig further I ran across one post by a user to another that said he didn’t have this problem when the phone was plugged in, only when using the battery and the response was “It’s your battery then.” I can’t remember where I saw the post otherwise I’d give credit. So, putting this to the test, I did the same. Random reboots when on battery only (anywhere from 89% battery capacity down to 28% – much lower and the phone just wouldn’t come back up). Subsequently, each reboot appeared to drop the battery capacity down 10-30% which would slowly recover 5-10% over time without being plugged in. Plug it into the AC charger and I could go hours using anything intensive.

Subsequent testing determined that the more power intensive the App was, the sooner and more frequent a reboot would happen. Eventually my phone got into a state of constant reboot cycling that could only be solved by pulling the battery out for 15-30 minutes OR plugging it back into the AC charger. So, as the original post had recommended a new battery so to would I purchase a new battery!

I purchased the IBESTWIN 6000 mAh replacement battery from IBESTWIN on Amazon. The weight of the battery was a little different from what I was used to with the stock LG G3 battery. In fact, feels much heavier. This battery came with 3 replacement covers – a black, white and gold extended battery cover. I was in need of a new one anyway because my stock brushed nickle cover was warped because of being dropped so this was a good score.

I replaced my original battery with this new one and didn’t throw it on the charger. I wanted to closely follow the directions from the seller’s Amazon page that says you should do 3-5 full charge-discharge cycles so I started the process of discharging. To my surprise the first discharge took 2 days even though the battery only arrive with 65% power. WOW! Normal usage for 2 days without needing to charge it once? I did notice something odd – but maybe this is because it is a new battery. After each time I used a power intensive App the battery would drop and once that App was closed the battery would recover 3-10% of its used power. I hadn’t seen this with the stock G3 battery.

So, my phone is on the AC charger and it is saying 4 hour 11 minutes to fully charge from 11% power. This is after I started charging it at 4% power about 15 minutes ago. I’ll continue to let it charge the full time to 100% and start the next discharge cycle.

So far though this batter appears to be 100 times better than the stock one. I’m looking forward to using it for years hopefully.

Old Battery: Stock LG G3 battery, Manufactured on 6.29.2014. Last used on 8.2.2016 after several months of failures.

New Battery: IBESTWIN 6000 mAh. First used 8.2.2016. First discharge cycle: 2 days with normal usage.

Thus far this battery was worth the $24 I spent to purchase it and based on what little I’ve used it, I’d recommend it.

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Disclaimer: I do not get any sponsor support from the vendor or from Amazon. In addition Missouri is one of those states that Amazon decided to no allow affiliates because of Missouri’s “tax” the affiliate / local presence crap. That’s an entire different store that I’m not covering here.