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How to Clean Debris Out of a Bathroom Faucet Aerator | SBW#70

One day you turn on your bathroom faucet and there is very little water pressure or you turn off the faucet and water continues to pour out for a bit. No, your other faucets are doing this, just this one. Something must be wrong right? Well, chances are you may have a clogged aerator in the faucet.

A clogged aerator can cause low water pressure and affect the performance of your bathroom faucet. With just a few simple tools and steps, you can have your faucet running like new in no time. I will walk you through the process of removing the aerator, cleaning it, and reassembling it. This quick and easy DIY project can save you money on plumber costs. Don’t let a clogged aerator slow you down, watch our video and learn how to clean it yourself!

First, what’s a faucet aerator? A faucet aerator is a small, round device that is usually screwed onto the tip of your faucet to create a more consistent, splash-free stream of water. Aerators usually create a mixture of water and air, making the stream smoother. In addition, they also will limit the water flow coming from the faucet end.

These aerators have can build up sediment and clog which cause reduced water flow and will create back pressure so when you turn it off the water will continue to flow for a short period of time until the pressure is gone.

Remove The Aerator

While it is not necessary to clean your faucet it can help with the removal of any debris or mineral buildup around the aerator.

Next, wrap a towel around the faucet aerator and attempt to turn it by hand. In some cases, you may be able to simply remove it this way. However, most likely you’re going to need a wrench (or pliers) to get a better grip. If you’re using a tool like this be sure to keep the town wrapped around so you’re not going to scratch or otherwise damage the aerator or your faucet. Using the tool, simply continue to turn it until it is able to be removed by hand or it comes out.

Cleaning The Aerator

Now, using water wash the debris from the aerator. You can use your finger or an old toothbrush to gently wipe away any debris that has built up on the side of the screen. You may need some compressed air to give it a few shots to blow any stuck pieces out – just take care not to damage the aerator otherwise you may need to replace it.

If you still cannot get it cleaned, take it apart if possible and soak it in white vinegar (or CLR) for about an hour. After the time has passed remove it and rinse it with fresh water.

Using the towel wipe the aerator threads clean as well as the faucet threads clean where they will screw back in.

Reattach The Aerator

Now alight the aerator back up with the threads in the faucet and screw it back in. You can attempt to hand tighten it up or use the wrench (and towel) again to get it snug. Do not over-tighten it as you may damage the aerator or the faucet.

Test For Leaks

Turn on the water and ensure there is no water coming from around the threads and all water is coming from the aerator. The aerator should be flowing fully like when it was new now.

If you do have to replace the aerator you’ll need to look up your faucet on the manufacturer’s website and get the part number. Simply order a new aerator from your manufacturer or another reseller.

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