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Zombie Atomic

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Coming Soon!

Status: Early Development
Current Release: N/A
Latest Development Build: Build 57 - Fri Sep 25 10:37:47 2020
Platforms: Web
                         Standalone Windows
                         Maybe Android
Update: So I’m playing around developing this game again. I’ve completely rewrote it from the ground up essentially discarded most of what I had before. It was just going to be too hard to port what was there using unity 4.3.3 to Unity 2020.1.x.  So much has changed inside of Unity since then – much of what I was hoping for such as cutting holes in the terrain, having adjacent terrains in a Scene and much more.
Check out the latest build above. Please note that the terrain you start is just a development terrain where I’m. The main terrain is above which you can see some of the landscaping. You however at this time cannot get to this terrain.
I’m working on getting the inventory system working and will soon be updating the player character with a more up to date model that can add or remove items that can be equipped. 

Currently under development but open to people who wish to contribute, test or just get a sneak peek!

This real time game is a first person style shooter that involves strategy as well as many other characteristics to survive the post apocalyptic Zombie world. Start a new game from the Outbreak and continue on for as long as you want! Time does matter.

As I strive to make this game as realistic as possible, there are some aspects of the game that involve time just as many games do. Some items in the game can only be collected after a certain amount of time has lapsed or certain events have taken place. Be forewarned though – food and water play a critical role in your survival. So you’ll need to gather, steal, harvest or obtain by some means the items for survival – unless you want to turn into a Zombie. The clock is ticking – literally!

As with many newer games I plan on adding in-game purchases for players who wish to take advantage of it. These will be items you would normally have to find, locate, create or by other means procure. Just a little helping hand for a small micro-payment.

How can you help? Simple – more or less! I’m looking for multiple roles that can be filled such as Graphic Artists, 3D Artists (preferably Blender), Animators and Testers to name a few. If you think you might be able to help then use my contact form to send me your information. There is no monetary compensation and the only rewards you’ll get is credits for working on the game, a free copy of the game as well as the ability to add a reference to your portfolio.

The game is developed using Unity 3d and C-Sharp.

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