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SSL Enabled – Well, Self-Signed

I have decided to enable SSL on my website not so much that others can access it via HTTPS but more so that when I log in remotely that I am not sending clear text username and passwords over the network. Plus, I wanted to use it as a learning experience on generating a Self-Signed Certificate. For years in the past I have dealt with CA purchased Certificates for work but not a Self-Signed one.

Unfortunately, I do not have all the spare change in the world to throw at whatever I want otherwise I would have purchased a SSL Certificate from a CA but those cost money, and cost money to continually renew them when the expire; plus, I wanted to learn a little SSL Self-Signing. So, since this is primarily for me (and anyone else that does not mind getting the ugly SSL warning) to use, I created a Self-Signed Certificate.

My site will continue to be accessible through HTTP connections so do not feel you need to start using HTTPS because HTTP is not going away.


Newly Revamped Website!

So today I bit the bullet and spent some time creating a new website. I’ve wanted to do this for some time now but just have not had the cycles to devote to install all the software required to go from a static content based site to a dynamic one.

Well, today was that and I haven’t looked back. Well, not quite the day give the fact this site is unpublished at the moment and currently in Beta. However, when the time comes I can easily flip from my old site to this site.

Why am I switching? Ease of publishing new content. Now that I’m attempting to create more content both in the games I’m developing and the woodworking projects I’m doing I needed a way to spend less time making things look aesthetically inviting and a dynamically built site will greatly improve that thus allowing me to do more actual work. To put it simply “Less work and more productive work!”

I hope you you enjoy the change!