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Flappy Animals

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(for lack of a better name) – This 2D Android and Web based app involves various characters flying through a world avoiding obstacles and gathering coins to improve themselves or open up additional characters, levels, or games.

Status: Early Development
Current Release: Build 139
Latest Development Build: Build 199 - Thu Jun 25 10:46:55 2020
Platforms: Mobile (Android)

Currently under development but open to ideas for anyone that has any.

Below are just a couple of Screenshots of the game. This game is still in early development and things are always changing. If you want to play a stable release, click on the Current Release Build above. If you want to play the latest Development Build, click on the Latest Development Build above. Please keep in mind this is a development build and is larger than a production release build so it may take a little time to load.

Feel free to leave comments below and post any bugs.

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