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How I Fixed android.process.acore Has Stopped on my LG G3 Device

So for the better part of a week now, at the worst possible time of course while I was 2 days into a week long vacation, I ran into “android.process.acore has stopped” error message on my LG G3 phone with Android version 5.0.1.

Here is what I experienced and to say it was a little annoying is an understatement. I noticed that every time something attempted to access any contacts a popup window would appear on my screen saying “android.process.acore has stopped”. This little dialog box, no matter what I was doing, would take focus away and keep me pretty much from doing anything other than dictating through Google Text related apps.

I tried All the “easy fixes” and “tricks” to solve this issue and yeah, nothing worked. I was one of the “difficult ones to fix” or so every reference that I found on the web to fix it stated.

I tried going to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Contacts and Contact Storage and did Clear Data, Force Stop and Clear Cache with no luck.

I tried Settings > Apps > three little dots, Tap on them and then selected Choose Reset App Preferences > Reset Apps. Yeah, still no luck.

Some people recommended removing Contacts but with my LG G3 it comes with the Stock ROM and I am unable remove it.

The final option I found was do a Factory Reset. I was not willing to do this yet as I had over 3 years of data and usage on my phone from Apps I use daily, to Photos and Music to worlds on Minecraft. I was not going to go down this road unless I had to.

So, I tried to clear the stuff one last time and still no luck. Then I remembered reading something sometime that Contacts pull Facebook contacts. Not only that but I started thinking that I thought I had read something on an update the Facebook Messenger was now a “one stop messaging app with phone, sms and other features”. Could this be my problem?

So, I pulled the trigger and uninstalled Facebook Messenger and to my surprise, my nearly every 5-15 second popup dialog box stopped. Not only did that stop but I once again had access to Phone and Contacts which I had not been able to use in about a week.

Problem Solved! I was able to resync my contacts with my Google Contacts again and I’m back to normal – aside from now needing to set ALL my App Preferences again 8( … However, I would rather want to do just that than that ugly final option of a Factory Reset which a lot of others had to do – which, ironically uninstalled Facebook Messenger.

If you run into this problem, hopefully you have tried these items before the dreaded Factory Reset and it has helped.