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This is currently a work in progress. Please bear with me while I update this to include my past projects.

Listed below are the wood working projects that I’ve done. The list may not be complete or have in detail descriptions as I did not keep records of what was done early one when I made them. However, if possible I’ve provided pictures of them. For convenience my newest completed projects will always be on top.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount for Baskets

This was a project I did for my daughter’s room. She had tons of stuff animals and needed a place to store them. I used some reclaimed 2×4 material from a previous home renovation we did to build this.

Small Kitchen Cabinet

During our early years in our house we needed a small kitchen cabinet that matched the existing cabinets in our kitchen. This cabinet was going to be between our refrigerator and stove. The purpose was to house stove related items such as oils and sprays and be our little “to-do” center. All the hardware with the exception of the drawer slides matched the existing set so they anyone would not realize it was a new addition.

It is a very plain cabinet with one twist – the top. The top is a maple top designed in a cutting board layout. I did this in the even we ever decided to dispose of the cabinet I could keep the top, trim it up and plane it down to remove the finish.

Maple Counter Top

As I stated above our little stove / to-do center had a Maple counter top. This top was designed so that it essentially could be used as an edge grain cutting board if desired. While we never used it as that because of the finish, it could still be trimmed down on the sides and planed a little to remove it bringing it back to a cutting board status.

Large Bookshelf with Doors

After we did a major home renovation we ended up needing create some furniture to fill one of the rooms. This is one piece of that furniture.

It is a very large bookshelf that had to be assembled and finished out of my shop. It features two large bookshelf units with adjustable shelving and a pair of doors below them.

Images Coming Soon

Media Shelf for CDs, DVDs and Books

Again, this was another piece of furniture after our major home renovation. This is one piece of that furniture.

It is a very large shallow bookshelf. It features adjustable shelving and a pairs of closing doors for each section. However, after we got it in place we decided to not attach the clear doors and leave it open.

Images Coming Soon

Fireplace Mantel

This is one of the first projects I made when we moved into our new house. Our fireplace lacked a mantel and we both thought it could really use one.

Images Coming Soon

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