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So I sat up a Rust server. Well, for those of you who already knew this, it is nothing knew. I play Rust and the server I used to play on with a few friends closed down.

So what is Rust?  Head on over to http://playrust.com to find out more.

Thus was born Ravenholme – named after Half-Life 2’s Ravenholm except in Rust. Nothing on the server resembles HL2 but I just liked the name.

Overall with Ravenholme I tried to create a good community. The characteristics of Ravenholme are listed below. I want players to enjoy the game as much as I do and not have it a bloodbath like happens on some servers. So, if you like what you see here feel free to join my server. If you like the game play feel free to let your friends know.

A word of caution though – while I don’t ban players often I have will if a player cheats, abusive or becomes a little too blood thirsty!

As the owner and primary Admin I make every effort to not interfere with the natural evolution of the world or it’s inhabitants. Occasionally though I will inject a little piece of my own experimentation and thus my “kingdom” is highly protected.

If you like my server please vote for it on rust-servers.net

Rust Admins

Rust Admins can be found on the Rust Admin page.

Characteristics of Ravenholme:

  • Friendly server were we try to build a community
  • Admin Tickets
  • Auto Doors
  • Better Chat
  • Clans
  • Death Notes
  • Economics
  • x5Rates Gather Rates
  • Friends
  • HumanNPC
  • InfoPanel – currently broken
  • Insta-Craft
  • Inventory Guardian to restore items on person post-wipe
  • Kits – I albeit seem to have some issues with them
  • Managed Stack Sizes
  • NoDecay – well, on building structures above Twigs so I suggest you upgrade your structures above Twigs otherwise the natural server decay will get them. Also, as Facepunch adds decay on other things I haven’t found all of those yet.
  • Notifications
  • No Wipes unless required by FacePunch which appear to mostly happen on the 1st Thursday of each month when they change the protocol usually because of a big enough update which requires a wipe.
  • SignArtist
  • Skip Night Vote
  • Teleporation
  • Zones
  • ZLevelsRemastered


I run RustIO Maps so you can see the live map at http://playrust.io/map/?rust.snaservices.com:28015.

The map is dynamically generated by the Rust game and not static. I do change the seed every wipe so the layout is different to give some variety for the players.

Current Map

I’ve quit updating the map on this page. If you want to see a life map please click on the link above. This should show you a current map.  Maps are rotated every month when FacePunch forces a server wipe.

A Creative Mind @ Work

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