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Rust Admins

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Want to Donate and help Support the Server? You can do so in two different ways currently.

The admins on the Rust server are as follows.

  • Klopps (Owner/Admin)
  • Shake Zula
  • TinyTigers

Admins can answer your questions and help you out if needed. If an admin or other player abuses their power please feel free to contact Klopps in the game. If I’m not in the game you post a comment on any Rust page on this website. I will address them as soon as I can.

Please note, I am no longer looking for any additional admins at this time.

4/26/2022 – Updates posted on Rust Server Updates page.

209 thoughts on “Rust Admins”

    1. Thank you for your notification. For some reason it has been experiencing instability at random times of the day during the restart periods were it shuts down, begins to startup and freezes. This has been happening since the last Rust update. I’m hoping the July 2020 update will resolve this.

      The server is starting back up now and should be up soon.

  1. The server has been down for two days and battlemetrics shows it’s status as dead. Are you abandoning the server?

    1. I must apologize. I’ve been on vacation and as a result, have not been checking my email notifications for the server like normal. Somehow I missed the monitoring service’s notification to me letting me know it was down but did not come back up. I’m working on reapplying the patch for oxide and getting the server back and running.

  2. Thank you for the quick response. I have been using your server for a long time and love it. By the way, Battlemetrics is showing incorrect player info. The actual players on your server do not show on player list.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to hear you love my server. As for Battlemetrics, I’m not sure how it gets its information for players, etc. so I’m not sure how to go about resolving that.

  3. I was wondering when the oxide mods will be installed. It is very difficult to navigate the server without them. Especially when you have become used to them. Thank you

  4. Just wondering when the oxide mods will be updated. Unfortunately I have gotten used to them. Thanks for giving us a great server to play on.

    1. hmm… the mods are there. I just manually updated AutoDoors and that mod recompiled fine. Which mods are you saying are not working? I can check to see if there is/was an update done to the mod plugin for this updated version of oxide.

  5. It appears that the server is totally vanilla. No voteday, stacks limited to 1000, instacraft, death notes etc, etc.

  6. The Server looks like a completely vanilla server. there are no mods working. no voteday, small stacks, no instacraft, no auto door, etc, etc.

    1. Ok. I’ve made some modifications to the batch file the runs the update routine for Rust and Oxide. I think what happened is when the server crashed last time the RustDedicated process that runs the server still hand some files open which prevented Oxide from fully updating. This time it looked like it got a clean update so hopefully 3rd time is the charm.

  7. Third time was a charm! Thanks for getting the mods installed. I can get back to really enjoying the game. FYI auto door close not working, but no big deal.

    1. Glad it worked. I’ll check out the AutoDoor plugin and see if something was changed.

      ** Update **
      Well, after checking it I did not realize it was not on my watch list. The one the server has was extremely outdated. I’ve installed the new plugin and hopefully, it is working now. If you find any plugins do not work please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  8. The server has been down for days, are you shutting it down for good. Please let me know if I need to find another Rust server.
    Thank you

  9. Hi folks. The server appears to be down, auto server reset about 20 hours ago but it didn’t come back up.

  10. Hi all.

    The server is listed as being online but isn’t showing on the in-game Rust server list.

    1. Thank you for the update. I did not get the email notification from umod about the Oxide update so the server was in need of being updated to the latest release of Rust and Oxide. It is currently patching and should be back up soon.

    1. There was an update today. The server had not been updated yet. I’m forcing the update now. Hopefully, that will solve the issue.

      1. And right after the update was completed another update came out. The server is updating and restarting right now.

  11. Sean the new map is missing a lot of Monuments. There is no Bandid camp, Airstrip, train yard, power plant, water plant. Is this the map you intend us to use? Do you think you could reset the server and provide a map with more Monuments. This map is very limiting.

    1. Updating map to next in sequence. If anyone ever has a good seed they want to try, I can set that seed on the next month’s cycle.

    1. There have been a ton of hotfixes since Thursday’s update. I do not believe Oxide had caught up or was unzipped correctly so the server was freezing. I’ve downloaded Oxide again and am running the update.

      1. Good afternoon! I’m still not finding the server in the server list, I’m not 100% sure it’s up and running?

        1. The server just started its 6-hour restart cycle at 3:43 pm It is currently in the process of starting back up and should be up shortly.

  12. Sean, the server map is very limited. Can you reset to a new map?
    Perhaps seed 1393783525 4000 size if possible. thanks for your help

    1. Seed set to the requested one. Size increased to 4000. Just an FYI – I’ve never ran this server at 4000 in size so I’m not sure of the performance.

      Server is restarting with new map.

      1. If performance lags perhaps 3800 size would work. We will test the current map and let you know the result.

        Thank you Sean for doing this

        1. The server was lagging and causing issues reporting down constantly. I’ve adjusted the map size to 3800 which unfortunately means there was a wipe. I’ll continue to monitor and see how this size works. Unfortunately, the server this runs on only has 12G of RAM and a size of 4000 was exceeding that.

          1. The lag on the server is rendering the game pretty much unplayable at the moment.

          2. Unfortunately, this map at a size of 3800 is just killing the server. It’s using at least 85+% of the RAM available to the server and nearly 30-50% of the cpus. The best I can do is shrink the map back to 3000 which seems to be more playable. Please let me know if you want me to do that.

    1. Sorry, if that was the timeframe I had several large uploads going on to cloud backup at that time.

  13. Well, it seems someone is raiding on the server. I just woke up to find my base gone, a hole in the back of the stone wall, all furnaces empty and everything in my player inventory gone.

    According to the server history, bike2envy, Radioactive or Hollowell2 are the likely candidates for raiding.

  14. Considering bike2envy suicided off the server as soon as I thanked him for raiding me…..seems a prime suspect.

  15. Additional update. It seems multiple bases on the server have been raiding out. Someone was busy last night sometime after 10pm eastern.

    1. Hi, I’ve been away on vacation without much Internet access to the server. Please let me know if this is still an ongoing issue and I will address it.

  16. Sean, the Rust server has been down for over a week. Is it coming back soon or are you shutting it down. A number of players are asking that question.

    1. Thank you for the notice. I didn’t realize it was down. It’s updating to the latest version of Rust and will have the same map seed. It should be back up as soon as all that is complete.

  17. sean, since the recent Rust wipe the server has been rubber-banding to the point of not being playable. Do you have any ideas about why this could be happening? Thanks for any help

    1. I have stopped a cpu intensive process running on another virtual machine on the same host the Rust server is running on. Please let me know if the performance picks up. I don’t remember when I started that process but it was probably around the start of April. I thought I had limited the CPU usage on that other virtual server but perhaps I had not limited it enough or Rust is at the point it requires all 4 cores now.

  18. Sean,
    The server looks to be somewhat broken. No daily kit, no instacraft, no transport. Weapons break when you shoot them. Looks like something happened in last couple of days. Thought you should know.

    1. Is this different today verses before today? Some of the things you mention (kits, teleport, etc) were updated via plugins today.

  19. Yes, it is different. looks like a new info panel was added at bottom of screen. looks like not all of the plugins updated

    1. My provider’s modem died Monday night. I had to replace it Tuesday morning when my provider’s store opened Tuesday morning. As a result, I had to update DNS records across the board for all my stuff. This DNS update can take up to 24 hours because my domain name providers had it set to 24 hours. I’ve since changed that in the event something happens again like this.

      I do show you in right now (or at least your user).

      Thank you for bearing with me during this hardware issue.

  20. No need to to thank me. You are the best admin on any rust server. THANK YOU!
    Oh, if possible could you restore the instacraft plugin when you have a chance.
    Thanks again,

    1. I changed the default setting from 50% to 0%. This value is not set to what the old one was. Please let me know if this solves the issue. Otherwise, there are 100s of changes between the old plugin and the new plugin versions. Can you describe (or give examples) what the difference is now from what it was when it was working.

  21. Sean,
    The instacraft is now working, every thing else seems to be working. Thank you. Captcha is not working. Error message says please solve Captcha correctly, but there is nothing to solve. Can’t always get message to you.

    1. Glad I could help.

      Thanks for letting me know about the Captcha. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to upgrade that plugin as they’ve taken some of the free features away and moved them to the paid tier (ugh).

  22. Sean,
    It appears the rubber-banding is back. One player said he locked up for a couple of minutes. Lot of rubber-banding around monuments.
    Thanks for any help.

    1. I’m not sure what else I can do. This map size is eating up almost all the memory the machine has. Reducing the map size back to 3000 may alleviate the issue. I think that may have been why I had it originally at 3000.

  23. Sean, maybe at the next wipe reducing the map size will work. The current size is most likely the problem. Thanks for researching this.

    1. No problem. In regards to that, Facepunch generally does their wipe release on the first Thursday of the month. I may or may not be able to get to this update until Saturday because of my location and service accessibility. So, if the server is down due to wrong version until then that is why.

  24. Sean,
    I noticed that there is a server out there with the same name as yours. The server IP is Very confusing. Thought you should know about it.

    1. Thanks for the update. Not sure what I can do about it as anyone can name a server any name. Just know that mine has been there since Rust was in Beta since I was an early access purchaser :).

      Also, I shrunk the map back to 3000 to see if it would stop the jitter.

  25. Sean, the map you have chosen has just one major monument no power plant, no airfield , no launch site , no train yard. would it be possible to re-start and add some more monuments.

    1. Hey, I’m glad you sent this. I’ve been busy and completely forgot yesterday was Rust update day (and I didn’t get the email notification from Oxide again – ugh!). I’m updating Rust as well as changing the map seed. The server is currently performing this process.

  26. Sean the new map is not very good. the only monument is the airfield and dome. there is no bandit camp. do you think you can refresh with more monuments. especially need bandit camp and maybe train yard and water works. Last map had all but airfield.
    Thanks chiaramo

  27. Thank you so much for your quick response. I hope I am not being to much of a bother to you. I really like playing on your server.

  28. Sean, I thought I should give you a heads up. the server has benn down for more than a day. Is everything ok?

  29. Sean, the server has become very slow and the rubber banding has made the game almost unplayable. When you return from vacation could you take a look and see if it can be fixed.
    Thanks, chiaramo

    1. I logged onto the server and found two RustDedicated.exe processes running when there should have been only one. I’ve shut down and manually killed the other. I’ve restarted the Rust instance and hopefully, this will solve the problem. My daughter and I also noticed sluggishness but this was on our Minecraft server. At first, I just attributed it to me not being patient enough after I started it up but it continued to be sluggish just not as bad as time went on. Please let me know if you still experience this issue.

      Just for reference, our Minecraft server does not run on the same Operating System as Rust. It is a different virtual server but still runs on the same physical hardware.

  30. Thank you Sean for looking into the problem. I will let you know how that fix worked with Rust. Thanks for checking it out so quickly.

    1. Yeah sorry, I’m doing a virtual machine backup at the moment to a NAS device. Unfortunately, I think my vmware server connects to my 100Mb switch rather than to my 1G switch. It should clear out once the backup completes. I really need to put everything on my 1G switch an only have my wired house ports on the 100Mb switch.

      1. Good evening

        No joy. The server shows as online, still not appearing in the server list in the game.

        1. Were you able to connect? I see the following in the logs on port 28015 and 28016 are open.

          47.205.x.x:50011/xxxxx/ChronicallyChronic joined [windows/xxxxx]
          ChronicallyChronic[76561198267880844] has spawned

          47.205.x.x:50011/xxxxx/ChronicallyChronic disconnecting: closing

  31. Sean,
    Perhaps you can use a new map for the next wipe.
    I can suggest a seed of 894422390 with a size of 3000.
    It has most of the popular monuments.
    Thanks chiaramo

    1. Sure – I can set the seed to that. Were you able to get on? If not, I may try rebooting my router and/or the server it’s running on.

    1. Thanks for the notice. I saw the DOWN email this morning but not the UP email. I also got the patch yesterday afternoon. However, I think what happened was I updated the batch file that cycles the server attempting to make it a little more robust and working towards making it self-updating (most complicated part is downloading a new version of oxide [and knowing when it’s available to download]) and the change causes the batch file to fail out when it went to cycle.

  32. Sean,
    I have tried to be patient with a player called FierceErised. but he has repeatedly raided and destroyed bases. I think it is time (he she) is banned from the server. He obviously does not care that this server should be raid free. He is the only one not following the rules.
    Thank you

    1. I will take care of this as soon as the server restarts. The player’s last known location is.
      “x”: “354.0858”,
      “y”: “34.90355”,
      “z”: “-529.7534”

    1. I honestly don’t know. I don’t remember if you can use teleport (tp) to get to those coords. I don’t remember if that’s only mods+ level. It’s been a long time since I’ve played.

    1. Heh – the Rust process froze at full CPU 3 minutes before the normal cycle restart. It’s starting up again.

  33. Hey bud, There was a Rust update, and getting a “Client integrity violation” when trying to connect to the server. Is there a needed server update?

  34. Sean, I don”t know if this is a Rust problem or sever problem, but it appears that none of the machinery in the quarries or pump jacks will work.

    1. I’d have to guess may be an issue with Rust itself. I don’t have anything installed that would prevent anything like that.

    1. Unfortunately, the server was in the middle of cycling when the update was released. I was hoping it would be one of these protocol update versions and could wait until the next server cycle but I guess it was. I’m updating the server now.

      And now, the timing can’t be more impeccable. I just updated Oxide and the server and it is currently starting up and then Oxide released a new patch. Hopefully, this patch can wait until the next cycle.

    1. Thank you for the update. I got side tracked and missed updating it yesterday. It’s updated now and starting.

  35. Sean
    Something is very wrong. Steam has Ravenholme offline for days. I used client.connect to get on yesterday but today that does not work. The IP address i used was Could the IP address have changed? HELP

    1. I’m at a loss. I may try rebooting my router tonight and see if that fixes stuff. The IP address you listed hasn’t changed in a very long time. All required ports appear to be open to the server so yeah, I have no idea. Do you know how Steam gets the address for my server?

      1. The server can be accessed if you use the console connect command and the IP address, it does not appear of the Rust server list. When connecting using the IP address it lists as “Amsterdam 2”.

  36. What has happened to Ravenholm, it seems to be totally gone, can’t even access with the IP address now.

  37. Just reported a player. A Death Note came up reading: BRORKT killed a Board using their 4module_car_spawned.entity

    1. Thanks for the update. Currently, Death Note hasn’t been updated in 2 months by the author. I’ll keep an eye open for the next update.

  38. Sean
    we have attracted some hackers on the server. Brorkt, peace death and Jazeeeeee. they need to be bumped off the server.

  39. Sean,
    The server has become very slow and glitchy. almost unplayable. Is there something slowing it down?

    1. I don’t see anything going on. Although at about 14:18 there was a high server load that has since resolved.

    1. Looks like it froze during a restart cycle around midnight. I force killed and it’s restarting now.

  40. Sean,
    It looks like we have another raider who does not follow the rules. Can you give me a list of the players on the server for the last 4 days?
    Thank you

    1. Player ‘Blue xXx (76561198013439587)’ <-- player killed by chiaramo's Auto Turret many times. Player 'SixShot (76561198038171560)' Player 'Rulpo (76561198123920828)' Player 'chiaramo (76561198266092028)' Player 'ChronicallyChronic (76561198267880844)'

  41. Sean,
    looks like we have a hacker and raider on the server causing havoc. Can you give me the names of players on the server for the last 4 days.

  42. Thank you for the names. maybe you could remove BluexXx and Rulpo from the server. they clearly are the hackers.

  43. Ok so I’ve probably played on Raven for YEARS and I just found out about this forum. After reading through for a bit, I can see the map size is limited due to rubber banding (i still get it frequently). Is it POSSIBLE, that in lieu of map size (which removes some major monuments) could raidable bases be added, or some kind of PVE event? Just some ideas: large cargo plane crash, convoy, raidable bases. I’d also love if test generator was added to the loot table. Thanks for keeping the server alive for so long. Just needs something of entertainment added. I have lots of other ideas. 🙂

  44. Sean, Thanks for adding the backpack. Can you set it up so that it survives a wipe? Also, it appears the acquire may not be working correctly. I am at lv 48 and when I pick up hemp I get only one at a time. LV 126 wood and get 500 when i pick up.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. I will try to address these. It looks like backpacks comes with keeponwipe = true so you should be good.

  45. So far the backpack mod seems to be working as intended. I can key bind it and use without any issues.

    There’s one more thing I was wondering if it could be worked on and that’s stack sizes. All building mats are perfect as they are, and most components already stack to 20, but I think it would be helpful if all components/deployables were at 20. (some are at 1, some at 5, etc)

    Also if all meat/food/plant related items could stack to 100 that would be huge. When gathering clones from plants it normally gives you 3. If you move the stack it breaks to 1. This would dramatically clean up storage organization.

  46. This current map has been very laggy (not sure what others have experienced) for me. As this month is coming to an end I’m assuming there will be a map wipe? If so I’d like to request seed 2902. It has all the major monuments minus launch and excavator. (not available on 3k size) Thanks!

  47. I think the server may be down. It didn’t come up last night or a few minutes ago. Possible i checked during restart but just checking.

  48. Sean, do you think it would be possible to use a different map on the next wipe. Perhaps seed of 51150807 size 3450.
    Thanks, chiaramo

    1. Yes. I can change the seed on Thursday’s wipe (assuming it happens then). I’ll try to increase the size to 3450 but it may make the game more jittery.

  49. Sean,
    Good afternoon, it appears that the “r” key is not working to reload ammo. Also, still no daily kit. All else seems ok.

        1. What commands are you using to chat? I haven’t heard any other issues from other users and need further information to troubleshoot. Thanks.

          1. In game chat isn’t working. When typing something into chat and hitting “enter” nothing is broadcast within the server.

          2. Please disregard, there was a Rust setting that got turned on (mute global chat) that I don’t recall activating. False alarm.

          3. Good Deal as I wasn’t able to find any issues. Other users have not reported any issues or don’t use in game change entirely.

    1. Server is being updated. It should be up and up to date in less than an hour. I was out of town on college tours when FP released the update.

  50. Sean,
    My backpack did not come across in the update. Can you put the items that I had on my character. hazmat suit, 100,000 metal, 100,000 high quality metal, LR-300 rifle, 30,000 scrap, 128 556 ammo. or give me temporary permission to add them.

    1. I don’t have time to do anything else at the moment so I just gave you admin for backpacks. Do Not Abuse it.

    1. To be honest, I really don’t know how to use it either. I see what I can do later but I may just “give” you the missing items if you cannot figure it out.

  51. Sean I am not able to figure the admin backpack command. can you give me temporary moderator status to get my stuff back.

  52. Sean, would you give me temporary moderator status so I can refill the backpack items. I would only use it to get back those backpack items lost in wipe.

  53. Thank you Sean, be careful when cutting those logs. I do not want anything to happen to the best admin/owner in Rust.

    1. lol – I always try to be careful with anything I do … I don’t like to fix things that may get broke or any injuries from being careless and hastily when doing something. That is one of the reasons it took me 2 days to cut down this tree about a month ago because it was over my house (and well into the process of death) and I didn’t want to damage my house or air conditioners, plus, I wanted to cut the logs into board size logs so I could saw them into lumber.

  54. Sean, I have all the items that were in my backpack in inventory now. You can remove my moderator status. Thank you

  55. Thanks, don’t worry about me abusing your kindness. If I can help you in any way with this moderator status just let me know.

    1. yeah – I remembered it was Friday and I just pulled the oxide update at 1:28pm. Unfortunately, the server had just restarted at 1:25pm …so I missed the auto update by 3 minutes. I was hoping it would restart before anyone tried to get on. It’s updating now though.

    1. yeah i’m not sure – there has been quite a few oxide and rust updates since Thursday. There was another one today so hopefully that will be all the issues.

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