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Update 5/15/2020 – It’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve touched my Minecraft server. I’ve been busy doing other enjoyable things in my life but as usual, I circle back to things of yesteryear. As of today I’ve changed my Minecraft server’s direction. I’ve converted it to Spigot and added a few plugins.

I’ve updated it to 1.15.2 version (up from 1.12) and changed the Resource Pack. Unfortunately, the one I really love no longer appears to be being kept up to date. It’s still listed below for reference but makes me sad. The new Resource Pack is Ovos Rustic Redemption v1.7 but I’m not sure how much I like it. There are parts that are hard to see the difference between blocks.

In addition, because my children are getting older I’ve added a few plugins to protect my creations. I’m trying to minimize changes to my structures that may be caused by them or their friends. Once I get things more solid I may open it up to the world but I haven’t decided yet.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to update and innovate on it. I’ll add some screenshots when I get more time – lol.

Original: I’ve been working on my own Minecraft server for a while. It’s a plain vanilla server running in Survival mode. Even though it is a vanilla Survival mode server I am using it to design and develop a large city like structure.

I do use the Persistence Resource Pack which can be seen in my videos. You can find it at Planetminecraft with this link.

As part of that endeavor, I’m recording and will show the progress as the city builds. Unfortunately, because I’m not playing in Creative mode I must edit the videos down otherwise you’ll be looking at hours and hours of boring and repetitive stuff – items like sleeping, traveling around, etc.

Stay tuned for videos as I finish editing them. I’m going to try to organize them into playlist series that involve one particular building project so you can see how that structure was built from start to finish.

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