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Minecraft Water Mill Part 1

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In my quest to build a large city on my Minecraft server I decided to start by building the essentials that my Medieval town needs. This of course means things that were much need during this time frame.

So, what better addition to build in my town then a Water Mill. This Water Mill is designed to process forest materials and grains.

Below is a part 1 of a 9 part video series I created to demonstrate what it took to create my Water Mill. While I try to limit the video lengths to under 20 minutes I wanted to show as much detail as possible during this build. Keeping in mind this is on a Survival server that has normal day night cycles.

This is part 1 of my Minecraft Water Mill building series.

In this video I pick out the location in my world and city where I’m going to build my city’s new Water Mill. Watch the basic construction of the water wheel from the beginning.



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