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…or Sean’s Basement Workshop is where I make and/or repair things. This site is where I post things I have done, learned or anything in general to DIY.

The SBW menu item at the top of the page will contain a list of articles that I’ve wrote on things I have done.

I’ll also provide a link to the posts below for ease of use.

  1. Crosscut Sled Part 1 & 2
  2. 2-Cycle Engine Piston Replacement
  3. Craftsman Leaf Blower Piston Replacement
  4. Slow Shower or Tub Drain
  5. ReadyNAS 1100 Power Supply Replacement
  6. ReadyNAS NV Power Supply Replacement
  7. Central Machinery Belt Sander Assembly and Review
  8. A Loose Bathroom Faucet Handle
  9. Leaking Kenmore Dishwasher
  10. Small Tire Inner Tube Replacement
  11. Turn Knob Socket Replacement
  12. Whirlpool Electric Dryer Thermostat Replacement
  13. Moen Extensa Kitchen Faucet Repair
  14. Graber Vertical Blind Repair
  15. Dresser Drawer Repair
  16. How to Make a Table Saw Auxiliary Rip Fence
  17. Quickly fix LED Christmas Decorations
  18. Straight Edge Sled
  19. Quick Toilet Flap Replacement
  20. Vertical Blind Slat Replacement
  21. Table Saw Pulley and Belt Replacement
  22. Nerf Dart Repair
  23. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 1
  24. Athletic Shoe Repair
  25. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 2
  26. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 3
  27. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 4
  28. Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 5 – Lazy Susan / Corner Base Cabinet Face Frame Assembly
  29. Table Saw Tilt Adjustment Wheel Repair
  30. Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 6 – Face frame Sanding tricks and tips
  31. Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 7 – Getting Top and Bottom Carcass Dimensions
  32. Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 8 – Dado Setup for Cabinet Sides
  33. Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 9 – Dados, rabbits, chip out on Cabinet tops, bottoms, and Sides
  34. Rockler JigIt Shelving Jig
  35. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 10 – Shelving Pin Holes, Sanding and Dry-Fit
  36. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 11 – Assembling The Carcass
  37. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 12 – Building A Cabinet Partition
  38. Bosch PR20EVS Palm Router Review
  39. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 13 – Base Cabinet Sides
  40. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 14 – Toe Kicks
  41. Stackable Washer/Dryer Water Valve Replacement
  42. Washer Hose Replacement
  43. Washer/Dryer Combo Lint Cleaning
  44. Washer inlet valve teardown
  45. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 15 – Base Cabinet Side Prep
  46. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 16 – Base Cabinet The Final Material
  47. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 17 – Base Cabinet Assemble Time
  48. Herman Miller Aeron Armrest Repair
  49. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 18 – Lazy susan cabinet components
  50. Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 19 – Lazy Susan Cabinet Assembly

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