Rust Server Updated

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As the title suggests, I’ve updated the Rust Server to run the latest version of Rust using protocol  2062.158.1.

Oxide has also been updated to support the new version.

Today (3/1) was Facepunch update day. This WAS NOT a wipe day and today on Ravenholme the  map seed has changed  stayed the same as tradition. This seed will remain in affect until the next wipe.

Check out the Facepunch Studios update here

3/1 Update:

I have decided to no longer restore items in inventories since I added the Leveling plugin allowing you to gather items faster AND Kits are FINALLY working again. If anyone has issues with this please contact one of the admins and voice your thoughts. I may reverse this. Please NOTE: This may or may not work. I have the new plugin working however, it has had issues in the past. So, as reminder, things kept in your person’s inventory will be saved during wipes – well, attempted to be saved. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to save contents of other containers such as boxes, furnaces, etc. Only what you can see when you hit the Craft key (TAB by default) will be saved (clothing, belt and backpack inventory).

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