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Family Trip on the Durango Silverton Railroad

Back in August when my family took a trip through Colorado we planned on letting our children experience this wonderful scenic railway. This was actually our daughter’s second trip on the railway but she was only a toddler at the time and did not remember much.

This time, she is older and our son was 6 years old and just loves trains. So, what a wonder experience for them to have right?

This time we took the one-way trip rather than the round trip due to time constraints but as the trip begins in Durango and ends in Silverton Colorado, we figured they would enjoy it.

This picture was taken in front the #481 engine at the Durango Station. After we arrived we got our seat in our passenger car so we were ready for the trip.

Once underway I began filming or shooting pictures but knew I would have to limit my activity because this was a 3 hour trip moving very slowly at some points due to 9-11% incline grades. What I did get though and what the family experienced was well worth the trip.




Along the way we say a few old railroad items, some still in use like this water tower…

And some no longer in use like this trestle span.

As we traveled up the route towards Silverton you could see the minerals beginning to build in the Animas River from the old mines that originated around Silverton.

Below is on of the old mines that were used and dotted the mountain side up in this area of Colorado.

Finally our journey ended at Silverton Colorado were we strolled around this rustic now tourist town a  while prior to our bus departure back to Durango.

This trip, well about 30 minutes of the 3 hour journey is in a video I created located on my Youtube Channel at


Union Pacific Living Legend #844 – Kirkwood Missouri

This video of the Union Pacific Living Legend #844 was taken at Kirkwood, MO on 10/18/2016 during its brief stop on the “Trek to Tennessee” trip.

The first half of the video is the train arriving into Kirkwood Station at Kirkwood Missouri.  This shot angle was taken at the west end of the station parking lot along the Union Pacific railroad lines.

The second half of the video starts with a short near the station with the engine sitting while people admire and observe this grand old beauty. The scene then leads into the engineer preparing to leave the station and finally leaving the station headed to its final destination for the day – St. Louis.

More information about Union Pacific Steam Locomotives can be found on their website at

Please pardon the instability of my camera as I did not have my tripod because of the crowds.