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Monster Jam St. Louis 2018 – Saturday

So my family and I went to see Monster Jam in St. Louis in 2018. We went to the Saturday showing. This year we did something different. We purchased the Pit Party Passes so we could go down on the field prior to the show and see the trucks and drivers up close in person.

It was pretty cool seeing the trucks up close like that but our friends that have done that before were correct, the lines get long if you want autographs and they “close” the lines roughly 30 minutes before the drivers have to go away for the show. Our friends recommended the divide and conquer method in which one parent goes to one line, the other goes to the other and the children go to whichever parent gets to the driver first, alternating this system back and forth.

After the Pit Party closed down went and got some food to eat at our seats. The food was C- at best – cold, skimpy on the portions and overpriced.

Prior to the show starting we dawned our Ear Muff protection – previous years our youngest had ear muffs and the rest of us used ear plugs. This year both kids and myself had ear muffs and only my wife used ear plugs. Much better hearing protection in my opinion.

So the show starts and we discovered what is becoming and definitely became as you can see from the following videos is that we had numerous families around us that couldn’t stay seated. They were in and out multiple times. In fact the family of 6 right next to us was in and out at least 8 times. Not all at once, generally 3 at a time which made it more annoying.

The show was a little more boring this year than previous years and the 2 wheel competition reminded me of a shortened freestyle competition except focusing on keeping the trucks on 2 wheels.

The show went on following the usual format – Intro, Heat Races, 2 Wheel Competition ending with the Freestyle Competition.

Here is some videos I put together of each segment and the entire show. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, please subscribe to my channel and give the videos a Thumbs Up!.


Heat Races

2 Wheel Competition

Freestyle Competition

Full Show