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SBW#4 – Slow Shower or Tub Drain

We have all been in this spot before and if you have not, then consider yourself lucky. So you are taking a shower and notice the water just is not going down the drain very fast and starting to pool up. How can you get clean while there is dirty water pooling around your feet right?

Well, slow draining of water in your shower or tub can be a real nuisance. There is no need to call a plumber when this is such a quick and easy fix that can be resolved in most cases under 15 minutes.

Generally, it is caused by hair built up on the drain crossbars beneath the drain stopper for those without a drain screen. This can easily be remedied by taking the drain stopper off and pulling the hair out.

I have tried those “hair puller sticks” and have not had good luck. This is why I chose to simply take the stopper off and clean it out with some needle pliers. Before forewarned though this is NOT for the faint of smelling as the smell can be pretty disturbing. Keeping in mind this is hair, body oils and bacteria that have been collecting for quiet sometime and smells pretty bad. Also because of this you should were latex or like gloves to avoid skin contact.

Take a look and watch this simple procedure and save yourself time, money and frustration over this problem.

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