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SBW#8 – A Loose Bathroom Faucet Handle

I do not know about you but I noticed my bathroom faucet handle getting loose. It would rock back and forth like the top was pivoting on the handle riser.

So my first thought was to pop the cap on top and tighten the screw that would be found under there. To my surprise there was no screw. After doing some research I discovered you have to remove the entire handle assembly from the value body and tighten the screw from the underside of the handle.

As it turns out this is really only a 5 minute job if everything is cooperating with you. If not, then it may require you to get something like a rubber grip to get a good enough grasp on the riser to unscrew it. After all, if your faucet is much like mine water gets around the handle riser causing dirt and mineral buildup to “glue” it down.

A word of advice is to use some Loctite Threadlocker on the screw to prevent it from backing off again. I had to redo this process after a few months due to the frequency in which the faucet is used.

Below is the video of how I tightened up my handle. Please give a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe.

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2 thoughts on “SBW#8 – A Loose Bathroom Faucet Handle”

  1. Hi, I got the water turned off to be sure I didn’t flood any thing, Then I got the handle off as you suggested but to my dismay there was no inner screw. There was a small hole that looked like a keyhole. I saw no way to tighten it so for the present it is back together. For now I will only use the cold water I guess, unless you have an idea that could help me. Thanks, 68 year old grandma

    1. Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately I do not have any ideas. Mine was pretty straight forward with a Philips screw holding the handle to the base escutcheon. So, I do not have an idea or have seen one with a hole that looked like a keyhole. If you do figure out how to tighten it up feel free to respond back here as it may help someone else as well.

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