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Reviving a “Dull” Saw Blade: Cleaning and Restoring High-Quality Precision | SBW#78

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Have you ever had a saw blade start burning wood rather than giving you an excellent clean cut? Well, this is for you. You see, I used this nice Freud 80T blade on my table saw, primarily for crosscutting, but also for creating glue-up edges because it cut so cleanly.

Yes, there lies the issue. In my overzealous need to constantly create super clean rip edges, I ended up leaving this blade on for all cutting, and over time it began to get more “dull” and started burning the wood.

As a result, I pulled the blade off, set it aside, and used my trusty backup blade. Then I got used to the nuances of the old blade and this one just sat on my wall for a while until I decided to take a look at it.

I noticed the the teeth were still sharp but there was a lot of residue built up all around and on the sides of the carbide teeth. So, I decided to try the Rockler Router Bit and Saw Blade Clearing Kit because I had a discount coupon and thought – what the heck?

My first impression after following the instructions was not that good. put the blade in the container that came with the kit and poured the liquid in. Even after vigorously shaking the jug of solution there were some chunks that came out. I let the blade sit in the solution for 5 minutes and it barely did anything. Ugh, was this a waste of money?

So I decided to let it sit longer and then after about 15 minutes, I noticed dark residue “melting” from the blade. I decided to use the brass brush that came with the kit again and this time it started to come clean.

Following the directions, I brushed each side and front of the carbide teeth. Then as good as I could down in the gullets.

I inspected the blade for any spots I missed and then dried it off with a cotton rag. Once dried I sprayed on some WD40 Dry Lube with Teflon. This will not only keep the blade from rusting but also add a slick invisible coat to help the blade make it through future cutting stock.

When I was done I was pretty impressed that this blade that had hung on my wall for years, being avoided because it was “dull” was still actually factory sharp.

This of course is not the only way you can clean sawblades but was the way I chose to do so. In a future article, I’m going to put to test two other products and compare them with this and see which comes out.

As always if you have any questions or comments post them below or on my YouTube video comments section and I’ll do my best to respond.

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Looking for athletic clothing? Try Baleaf BaleafReceive 10% off when you use my coupon code: SEANMOENKHOFF

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