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SBW #5 – ReadyNAS 1100 Power Supply Replacement

What happens when you add high BTU electronic components with cramped IC design? You get a dead power supply.

This is what happened to my ReadyNAS 1100 late last year. Replacing the power supply was on my to-do list for some time. Luckily I didn’t have anything urgently important on this device as it was merely one of several devices I use as backup storage. However, with another one of my NAS devices having a failure this to-do item had become more important.

So based on the response I was getting when I hit the power button I suspected that the power supply had failed. I opened up the case and took a look at the PSU and I could see scorch marks and swollen capacitors so yes, more than likely the PSU had fried.

Rather than purchase an overpriced OEM replacement I purchased an ATX power supply with nearly the same specifications. No, I’m not getting any money from linking the power supply but in the event anyone wanted to know what I used, there it is. I had read in some ReadyNAS forum posts on how to convert the ATX power supply to the same pin out that ReadyNAS used and  things looked good. To do swap the pins I used another reference on how to make a pin puller using paperclips.

After swapping around the pins to match the ReadyNAS specifications I was able to power up the NAS.

The following video shows the process I used. Hopefully if someone is in the same boat as I was this video will help out.


Amazon Link:

caseen 250W Enhance ENP-7025B Power Supply 80 PLUS Bronze Certified

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