How I Fixed android.process.acore Has Stopped on my LG G3 Part 2

It has been months since this little nasty issue has surfaced and then all of a sudden it came back this morning after I reset my Skype password. Go figure – another App that meddles with Contacts.

So I thought that since I do not really use Skype of my device I thought I would uninstall it to solve the problem like I did with Facebook Messenger. Well to my surprise the problem the problem did not resolve.

What are the odds, Skype is uninstalled and still having an issue. Let us direct our attention to Facebook products again. No I do not have Facebook Messenger installed only Facebook. I’ll uninstall it I figure – what is the worse that can happen, I’ll need to reinstall it right?

So uninstall you go Facebook. Wow, problem gone again. What is it with Facebook Apps that keep causing issues with my contacts. This is really frustrating and even worse I didn’t even touch Facebook this AM, only Skype!

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