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SBW#22 – Nerf Dart Repair

Ever had your Nerf dart tips fall off? If have you a Nerf gun, chances are that answer is yes. They are easier to fix than what you might think and in fact the time needed to fix them is quite fast.

Tips broken off
Tips glued back on with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Before gluing them back together, you will want to pick off as much as the old glue as you can taking care not to damage the foam from the barrel of the dart. Once you have the glue picked off the foam, next turn to get the old glue and foam off the dart tip.

Once the prep has been complete apply a bead of glue around the tip of the dart that inserts into the foam. Then insert the tip back into the foam barrel giving it several twists to spread the glue out evenly.

Next wipe off any glue squeeze out with a paper towel or cloth. Allow the glue to drive for the recommended amount of time before placing the dart back into use. I generally give this about 24 hours.

The video below shows the process in which I went about fixing them. I used Nerf Mega Darts but this also works for other darts such as N-Strike Darts.

I’ve included a few Amazon Links below if you would rather buy brand new darts instead of gluing the tips back on.

Parts Used

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