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Newly Revamped Website!

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So today I bit the bullet and spent some time creating a new website. I’ve wanted to do this for some time now but just have not had the cycles to devote to install all the software required to go from a static content based site to a dynamic one.

Well, today was that and I haven’t looked back. Well, not quite the day give the fact this site is unpublished at the moment and currently in Beta. However, when the time comes I can easily flip from my old site to this site.

Why am I switching? Ease of publishing new content. Now that I’m attempting to create more content both in the games I’m developing and the woodworking projects I’m doing I needed a way to spend less time making things look aesthetically inviting and a dynamically built site will greatly improve that thus allowing me to do more actual work. To put it simply “Less work and more productive work!”

I hope you you enjoy the change!

A Creative Mind @ Work

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