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SBW#26 – Kitchen Cabinet Build Part 3

This is the third part of my kitchen cabinet build, primarily focusing on the work I did building the cabinets from start to finish. In this episode I finish assembling the upper face frames.

I’m squaring up a large frame by racking it a little using a pipe clamp. This causes the frame to move back into square by pulling the long side back even with the short side.

I’m showing how I positioned the blind corner cabinet divider so it would align with the adjacent cabinet while leaving enough frame for the door overlay. This cabinet pair by fair was the most challenging ones I did.

Clamping it so I can mark the positions of where the divider needs to go.

All the upper frames post assembled. They are all pocket hole screwed and glued. I did both forms of joinery so that they were extra strong.

I’ve included a few Amazon Links below for the equipment and materials I used.

Equipment and Materials

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