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SBW#28 – Kitchen Cabinets Build Part 5 – Lazy Susan / Corner Base Cabinet Face Frame Assembly

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Lazy Susan or also called a Corner Cabinet – How do you assemble the face frame given the fact the frame goes in two different directions? Well, that is exactly what I did here. It’s been many years since I had to build one but we wanted to make the best use of the corner and not have any hidden or access from the from another cabinet crawl space so we elected one of these.

So back when I used to make cabinets in a shop a Lazy Susan cabinet wasn’t an uncommon way to handle this situation so I thought why not have one. However, the one problem my wife and I faced was neither one of really like the Lazy Susan turn tables and they were so inefficient when it comes to space utilization. My solution of course was to turn to the Internet and find a cabinet style that we could agree on and then design it out and assemble it.

Well, as it turns out a corner cabinet with stacked shelving worked great. This style of cabinet is a very basic corner cabinet but has shelving in it that would allow the shelves to be adjustable but never at the same height on both sides because of the way they meet in the center. I’ll show and discuss more of that in the article I actually build the cabinet box for. This article though will only focus on the face frame.

So the face frame is essentially two small rectangle face frames put together at 90 degrees at one end. Then remove the two center stiles. That’s easier said then done because you’re assembling a single frame in 3 dimensional space as opposed to the standard 2 dimensional space you do with normal frames.

However, with pocket screws, clamps and squares you can make it happen. Once you have the C looking frames, imagine a pair of square Cs, assembled you need to make sure the fame is not only square in one way but also square in that “outward” 3rd dimension. Did I mention clamps? Clamps and temporary space boards help wonders.

As always, I try to layout the closely cut lumber so I can get precise measurements. My video below shows laying this 3D frame as best as possible and how I assembled it.

I’ve included a few Amazon Links below for the equipment and materials I used.

Equipment and Materials

I hope you find this video useful and can use some of the tips presented.

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